Heart Shaped Muffin, Fun For Everyone!

It is amazing to me how you can do the same thing over and over again and never even think to try something new. Tweaking one small thing can change the entire look of your creation. Here I made a basic box of muffins and by adding a marble in between the muffin tin and the cake cup I changed the shape of the muffin from round to heart shaped.

This is an easy, yet fun way to change up your basic muffins.  Just remember to only fill the cake cup up about half of the way because if you don’t it will all poor over the sides.  Trust me, it is not fun LOL.

How to Make Heart Shaped MuffinsCooked Heart Shaped MuffinsA Tray of Heart Shaped MuffinsBeautiful Heart Shaped Muffins in the Shape of a HeartBeautiful Heart Shaped Muffins
Do you have any fun tricks that you would like to share about cooking or baking?

Thank you for readying!


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