Wearing A Statement Color

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the color teal! It is such a fun rich color. No mater how it is worn, I know it will look great. I love wearing what I call “statement colors” and teal is definitely one of those colors!

I must say this though, I am completely in love with a white pea-coat as well. Although who isn’t, right? It just looks so dressy and sleek. 

For today’s Fashion Friday I paired it with a teal dress, teal heals, a Vera purse and a white belt to tie the whole outfit together. 

Teal Dress, Vera Purse, Teal Feather Earings with a White Coat and Teal HealsVera Purse White Coat Feather EaringBraided Hair, White Coat, Teal Heals, Dress and Feather EaringsTeal HealsBraided Up-do with a White Coat a Teal HealsBraided Up-do with Teal Feather Earings, a Vera Purse and White CoatBraided Up-do with Teal Feather Earings

Do you like the my braided up-do? Believe it or not, this is a very simple way to make your hair look amazing!

I will be posting the video tutorial on how to do this braided style yourself. So don’t waist any time and subscribe to my blog so you get it sent right to your e-mail.

Thanks for reading!


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