My New Earing Holder

The other day I was walking through Goodwill and I came across this amazing little CD holder.  I picked it up and looked at it a little more, not that I have a ton of CDs any more, but because it caught my eye! I knew that I could use it for something and I couldn’t think of just what. I put it in my cart and continued to look around. By the time I got to the register I figured it out, I will use it as an earing holder! I was so excited that I wanted to share my amazing find with you.

What was once a simple CD holder,Is now a beautiful earing holder!It didn’t take long at all to transform this CD holder into a earing holder!I absolutely love it! Don’t you? It looks perfect on the shelf.

Open your eyes and be creative, you never know what you will find.

Most importantly never underestimate the potential of something’s true beauty!

Have you found any treasures this week?

Thanks for reading!


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